Nanoclassifier will develop a cost-effective, high-throughput screening platform for characterisation of the bionanointerface, to address a range of important questions in regulation and applications of nanomaterials.


New Tools and Approaches for Nanomaterial Safety Assessment Conference in Malaga, Spain (February 2017)
Jointly organized by five major FP7 projects NANOSOLUTIONS, SUN, NanoMILE, GUIDEnano and eNanoMapper[...]
NanoClassifier Annual Meeting
The NanoClassifier Annual meeting takes place in the National University of Ireland, University Coll[...]
Course on Nanobio Entrepreneurship
Dr. Teodor Aastrup Room E2.16 Science Centre South - UCD Tuesday 21st February 2017 The ent[...]


This project fosters a strong partnership between academic and industrial sections, bringing together CBNI@UCD (Ireland) and Attana AB (Sweden) to pioneering new methodologies for study of bionanointerface.