Deliverable No.Deliverable TitleWork Package No. Person Month (ESR/ER)NatureDissemination LevelDelivery Date
1.1Kick-off & Annual meetings 12ReportCO3, 15, 27, 39
1.2Website 12OtherPU & CO4
2.1Functionalised NPs for assay development 23ReportCO9
2.2Baseline studies on NP- surface interactions 29ReportCO15
2.3Baseline studies using protein arrays deposited on sensor 212ReportCO24
3.1Baseline studies using cells grown on surfaces 39ReportCO24
3.2NP-based Sandwich assay for signal amplification 39ReportCO30
3.3Validation of cell free and cell interaction data 36ReportCO42
4.1Reports from secondments 438ReportCO42
4.2Reports from training courses 41ReportPU42
5.1Dissemination & Exploitation plan 51CO18
5.2Demonstration of applicability to nanosafety/medicine 54OtherPU48